About jharkhand state pharmacy council

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Jharkhand State came into existence on 15th November, 2000. After the formation of Jharkhand State from Bihar, "Jharkhand State Registration Tribunal, Pharmacy" was established by the Government of Jharkhand which was a temporary arrangement to work for registration of pharmacists. Now Jharkhand State Pharmacy Council has been constituted on February, 2018 which is a statutory body functioning under the Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand. It is constituted under Section 19 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948. It has 15 members out of which 5 are nominated by the State Government ,6 are elected from amongst the Registered Pharmacist, 3 ex-officio members and one member elected from amongst themselves by the members of Medical Council or the Council of Medical Registration of the State.